CAD customize from zero

CAD as easy fitting tool

It is common competence for designer who can design or operate by 3D CAD for these day. But most of designers may feel uncomfortable such as "if we had such function", "if we could use it certain way". In fact it is not 100% use of CAD by using only basic function which provided by CAD interface. It is possible to use 100% CAD function or more by some programming skill and utilize API provided by its CAD. And make it possible to eliminate uncomfortable of operation and avoid malfunction of CAD.
In addition, it is possible to response more quick and flexible for environmental change etc. by customizing CAD without cost. It makes big difference for productivity and design quality. Therefore it is required for designers or CAD operators who have skill of fully utilizing CAD function more than default function by customizing CAD function. This program is possible to learn programing skill which considered difficult by understanding VBA macro step by step.

【Why it need customizing skill ?】

There are two method of CAD customizing. Either customizing by yourself or use external service.

〈Do it by your self〉

• No cost for each customizing
• Possible to respond quick and flexible
• Enhance company possession by employee's skill up


• Difficult to apply complex customize
• Difficult to apply when design congested period

〈Use external service〉

• Be able to make complex requirement
• Not affect employee's workload


• Higher customizing cost
• Not able to quick respond for minor change
• It need to order external even simple requirement

Full use of 3D-CAD 100%
"CAD customize from zero" make it possible for productivity and quality improvement
〈Target person〉

Engineer who is using SOLIDWORKS or supporting design engineer of operator who has no programming experience


1. Obtain VBA knowledge as basic customizing (Learn from zero knowledge)
2. Obtain how to use help document of SOLIDWORKS API
3. Obtain structure and how to use SOLIDWORKS API

【Term of CAD customize from zero】

Training for 4 to 6 months, 1 session (approx. 2 to 3 hour) per week. This skill is difficult to obtain in short term by intensive training. It is expected to stay on long term memory by participating long term programming training.

  • Basic VBA programming

    16 hours

    Learn VBA programming from zero by practical exercise

  • How to use SOLIDWORKS API help

    4 hours

    You can not started without this as professional

  • Basics of structure and how to use SOLIDWORKS API

    8 hours

    It is important to make several program

  • Apply and practical training

    24 hours ~

    Realize convenience by figuring out how

【Features of the training】

■ Tools fit well if shape up with enough time

  • Not loosing motivation by making training material as trainee wish to customize after obtain basics.
  • Easy to understand basics by avoiding to use the technical terms and providing easier presentation and examples.
  • High value (cost-effectiveness) in long term, since obtaining problem solving skills (customizing method) other than ordering it external.
  • Becoming the level of self-learning other softwares VBA. (such as Excel)
  • Easier to move on next step by enhancing understanding of other development language. (VB.NET, C#, C++)