Designer from zero -Electric-

Responsible for reduce designing lead time in demanding world

It is required to shorten lead time due to short life time of product in manufacture industry today. Due to this requirement, the production process is divided into several phases, with each phase employing smaller tasks. It is also escalate to increase job dilution by complexity of product required. As result, experienced designers make outline of design process then young engineers just proceed based on available outline. It made them less chance for young engineers to experience over all designing process, and that cause no building new development competence for them. We believe it is important to educate designers to skill up their product development competence by grasping entire product designing process.

From this background, we developed a training program 'Designer from zero -Electric-'

【Service Content】

(※1)Design process: Conceptual design, Detailed design, Prototype evaluation, Cost planning, etc.

Develop professional electric designer !
Bring up engineer who has development competence for design from zero base.

【Feature of this training】

■ Super practical training curriculum

  • Aactive professional designers coach participants with designer point of view by prioritizing necessity item. It is aimed to obtain wisdom convert from knowledge by not only obtain knowledge but also learn know-how on field and recent design trend.
  • It is training curriculum meet new system development from beginning since reviewing entire system and develp system is rarely done today.
  • It is possible to enjoy leaning with combination of lecture and presentation by group or individual.
  • It is easy to fit content since using subject of popular product for practical exercise.