Designer from zero -Machine-

Do you train your young engineer who can design from zero ?

What is Desiner from zero?Programs not only for designing but also to consider entire process from concepts, prototype to mass production
Super practical curriculum created by top class designers point of view

Overview of Designer from zero

Training program for engineers to have ability in designing from zero

  • Term

    9 months
    (Total 18 sessions)

  • Industry type

    Manufacturing industry which product include resin, sheet metal

  • Target person

    Designer below backbone of company

  • Recommended party

    1 group
    4 to 8 person

    (Decide by pre-consulting)

【This training will provide you with】

■ Designing ability with radical revisionism of structure

It become less engineers who can design industrial products from zero base because of 3D-CAD with IT deployment, increased common design, divided labor. Also there is not enough time to educate engineers because of sevier requirements to shorten lead time. This program is designed to educate engineers to be able to design new development with joy of designing

■ Designing ability with value of client oriented view point

The requirement for product design engineer is not only designing skills but also be able to understand needs of end user. Then intention of shape and/or size produced. In this program, tutors who are active professional designers coach participants with designer point of view. It is also aimed to lern to transform the knowledge to know-how by considering the intension of practical product designing.

Become a engineer who can design from zero with super practical curriculum!

【Curriculum item】

■ Designing ability of structure radical revisionism

  • Skill check
  • Idea Patent
  • Conceptual
  • Detailed
  • MoldMeeting
  • Drawing
  • confirmation
  • Prototyping
  • Mass product
  • Skill check

【Curriculum item】

Clarifying weak points of cooperate culture and individual designing ability

  • Check sheet

  • Trend analysis chart

  • Individual result record

【Design curriculum】

We propose training time frame and frequency considering your busyness

  • 【Think】
    Think about intention and/or requirements of design

  • 【Draw】
    Hand drawing imaged from trihedral figure

  • 【Learn】
    Learn from existing design in this world