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XrossVate is a company for engineers by engineers

XrossVate is the company provide service for clients with engineer view point by engineer who also manage company. Our company currently has seven kinds of business which proved from idea of company starting members who are all engineers except the president. You are the next one to start new business ! Of course it is not easy way out if act only in a passive manner. We expect applicant who will challenge with future vision. Let's create our future of engineer together.

Employment process

Please consider to apply that it takes 4 to 8 weeks after applicant screening since each selection term takes 1 to 2 weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have unclear point or question to apply. Above process is reference only.

Employment item

 ■Occupation : Next generation engineer
 ■Type of employment : Full-time employee
 ■Job description:
[Principles] Contribute for enhancing clients' technical competence concurrent with improving engineers' skill
Specific role (assign with consideration of individual skill) Supporting technical competence improvement
・Executing OJT, acting as instructor and creating education curriculum for designing competence improvement
・Carrying out design method review and planning of improvement plan
・Technical problem solving of developing product and supporting mass production plan
・Technical coaching and customizing of 3D CAD/CAM
・Providing recommendation to clients and engaging contracts

 ■Required competence / experience
・More than 5 years experience of manufacturing industry and experienced process more than once. (mandatory)
・Having technical confidence to exceed others (treatment condition)
・Language ability: English, Chinese (including other Asian languages) (treatment condition)
・Writing experience of articles, books (treatment condition)
・Negotiation experience such as technical sales (treatment condition)

・Person who has firm will to contribute company with his/her competence.
・Person who is acting to create valuable output. (such as patent, improvement, and new innovation or idea)
・Person who has achieved to his/her goal that no one ever done or could done
・An active designer who wants to challenge new things
Any age: intellectual age is more important than physical age for a person who has flexible thought

 ■Work location : Minato-ku, Tokyo Nearest station : Shinagawa
 ■Education : High school graduate or above
 ■Probation : 6 months

【Working conditions】

 ■Salary : Annual salary scheme (treat with company regulation) divide 14, bonus 2 times
 ■Benefits: Commute allowance, Business trip allowance, External training support, Subsidy to purchase book, Subsidy for employee communication
 ■Retirement allowance system : None
 ■Working hour: 09:00~18:00 Normal working hour : 8 Hours, 60 minutes break
 ■Holiday/vacation: Saturday, Sunday, National holiday, Year end(12/30-01/04), Company anniversary, Child‐care leave, Nursing Care leave, Special vacation, Annual leave (Max 24 days for first year)
 ■Insurance : Health insurance, Warfare pension, Unemployment insurance, Workers' compensation insurance
 ■Retirement allowance system : None

【Screening method】

■Number of meeting : More than once
■Selecting method : Interview, written examination, presentation

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