Message from President

代表取締役社長 松本晋一

XrossVate Inc.
President & CEO Matsumoto Shinkazu

When I was a student, I had been traveling around the world with backpacking. I was very proud to be Japanese when people over the world admired about Japanese products. I deeply appreciated Japanese manufacturing industry and I wanted to contribute my feedback to them someday and to hand over my experiences to next generation that I got courageousness by these compliments in overseas.

Nevertheless, the surrounded manufacturing industry environment becomes more severe for these days. There are tendency of blocked filed and less domestic employment. I felt a sense of danger that getting less chance for the engineers to contribute their endeavor.

Although in Japan the energy resources is limited, we own lots of intellectual resources such as advanced technology that is world top class. I believe the revitalization of this resources makes Japan growing. Hint of this revitalization is diversion of the technology. For example if the know-how of manufacturing technology is transfered toward agriculture, Japanese agricultural products could become well known in the world in short term like once Japanese manufacturing industry had done in past.

We "XrossVate" implement a company for Engineers by Engineers. In our company engineers play leading role. We establish the business through special engineer service networks for engineers to contribute their technology skills and to create new jobs continually. Bring out the hidden ability of technology. We bring up global human resource, contribute to enhance on site activity of Japanese companies who expanding toward world. We share the joys of creativity. We provide new value that recognized by society.

We contribute to tomorrow of Japan by improving technology with pleasant and high aspiration.

October 1, 2013
President & CEO Matsumoto Shinkazu


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《Company Name》 XrossVate Inc.
《Incorporation》 August 8, 2013
《Capital》 9,000,000 yen
《Location》 zip 108-0075
Level 1, Shinagawa East 1-6-34 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
tel +81-(0)3-6712-0037
fax +81-(0)3-6712-0514
《Bank Account》 Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Gotanda Branch
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