Privacy Policy

XrossVate Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "XrossVate") receives clients' personal information in charge to provide services. XrossVate keeps strict observance of the low for personal information and handle personal information appropriately.

1. Personal information acquisition

XrossVate acquires personal information appropriately without pretensions or other unlawful means.

2. Personal information utilization

XrossVate uses personal information within limit necessary for the achievement of purpose below. It use with agreement obtained individual in advance in case of personal information unspecified below. To reply clients' request for quotation, to consult clients and send material, seminar information and provision of information.

3. Personal information security management

XrossVate takes necessary and appropriate measure of security management in order to prevent leak, loss, destroy or falsification of personal information.

4. Commissions of personal information

XrossVate audits third party appropriately in order to secure security management when personal information handling has committed either partially or entirely with sever investigation of corresponding third party. In case of consulting execute cooperate with third party it may committed to handle personal information by third party.

5. Personal information provision for third party

XrossVate does not disclose personal information to third party without individual advanced agreement, other than provided by personal information protection low, etc.

6. Discloser/revision of personal information

XrossVate makes discloser personal information immediately if it required by the said person. But we do not disclose if it has not confirmed as said person. It is revised information in case of requirement of correction, addition or deletion received from the said person. But it will not proceed without confirmation of said person. Please inform us at below contact if there is such inquiry about personal information acquisition above.
【Contact】XrossVate Inc. 03-6712-0037

7. Change policy

The contents of this policy may change. Changed policy is effective after uploaded on this site other than XrossVate provided it separately.